Accessibility Statement

Need Help?


RustFest is an inclusive conference and as such strives to be accessible to everyone. This includes:

  • Offering significantly discounted tickets for concession holders.
  • Providing complimentary tickets for assistants of disabled participants.
  • Providing 15 diversity + 10 Scholarship tickets specifically through
  • Ensuring all our venues are accessible by wheelchair.
  • Live transcription of all talks.

    • Appropriate measures can be taken for the workshop day and the impl days. Please get in touch.
  • Making sure that maps and orientation material is available.
  • Providing clear signage to, from and through the building.
  • Providing quiet spaces for people with sensory issues, or simply in need of a break.
  • Access to non-gendered toilets.
  • Serving a wide range of food and special requests.
  • An all-around help hotline during the time of the conference: +49 231 5896255

We are currently clarifying the situation around guide and service animals with the venue.

If you’re not sure whether the concession rate should apply to you, please do get in touch.

Our goal is that the conference and workshops and all other related events are accessible to disabled people. However, we are aware that accessibility issues are diverse and we may not have everything covered off in our plans - please reach out, and we will do our very best to confirm we have those requirements under control. Send a mail to

We will happily reserve you a ticket if it’s not immediately clear whether necessary assistance is provided or you have additional planning to do for your trip to RustFest.